Existence is Resistance

Existence is Resistance

edrees Altareb
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This work is a complete workshop to draw the most influential and inspirational
in the Arab-Israeli conflict Palestinian figures.
I have been used ” Scribbl Art ”  for all these paintings.
Also I used wacom device for these paintings.
The average time to finish each plate was 3 days per plate.




Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Hassan Yassin was a Palestinian imam and politician. He was a founder of Hamas, an Islamist Palestinian paramilitary organization and political party. Yassin also served as the spiritual leader of the organization

 Abdullah Yousef el-Tell served in the Transjordanian Arab Legion during the 1948 war in Palestine
rising from the rank of company commander to become Military Governor of the Old City of Jerusalem.



Abd al-Qadir al-Husayni
was a Palestinian Arab nationalist and fighter who in late 1933 founded the secret militant group known as the Organization for Holy Struggle, which he and Hasan Salama commanded 

Screen shots from the workstation

edrees Altareb اليمن الرسم والتخطيط
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